Safe(r) Community Rules

You must read and agree to these statements to be included in MsGender community and groups.

We are all individually responsible for creating the spaces we collectively wish to move within and must work towards reducing risk and preventing harm.

We are committed to creating and maintaining a space that is Safe(r) by:

–> recognizing that the same dynamics of power and privilege which exist in our greater society also live within our smaller groups, even when we try our best. We are dedicated to continuously working to create a safe(r) and supportive space for everyone.

–> becoming aware of how our language and behavior may be harmful to others. Violence, racism, prejudice or any form of discrimination such as sexism, ageism, transphobia, cissexism, sizeism, fatphobia, sexual harassment, and gender policing are prohibited and will get you banned from our spaces.

–> requiring consent before giving feedback or approaching another person in any way. Everyone has the right to say no to any unwanted contact and that includes verbally in online spaces. Respect the physical, mental, and emotional boundaries of others. Avoid making assumptions about the identity, experiences and/or histories of other people.

–> valuing diversity in ethnicity, gender identity, ancestry, place of origin, color, citizenship, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status, HIV status, political affiliation and ability.

–> reporting issues immediately and without compromising safety. All issues reported will be handled as soon as humanly possible.

–> being open to changing ourselves when we hurt others. We all make mistakes and we’re all learning. Being ready to apologize and learn after disrespecting or hurting someone doesn’t remove the pain from the incident but it does help our community at large to be safe(r) and it helps you as an individual be better and safe(r).

–> respecting ourselves and others and engaging in self care and holding space for others when we can. Ask for help when you need it. Speak up if someone hurts you or makes you uncomfortable, even if you think it’s by accident.

–> creating an environment of confidentiality in group spaces. Things that are said and shared in group should remain in the group and not be shared in outside spaces without hearty consent from both the group leader and the person sharing.

You must read and agree to these statements to be included in MsGender community and groups.