Queer Guide

We’re collecting life tips and advice for queers. Our target audience is all queer folk at large and more specifically, those of us who come out without continuing help from our family of origin and friends. Part of creating our own community and chosen family is passing along the information that makes it easier to move through the world.

A good example of what we’re looking for is Heather finding out that AutoZone will let you use their electronic device for free to find out what the warning code on the dash of your car is about. This allowed her to fix the engine part herself, saving hundreds of dollars.

We’re looking for experts to step forward and share what they know so we can all benefit, from how to cut your own hair, to doing your own taxes for the first time, to how to change a tire. (We’re not sure if this list will only live online here on MsGender or someday grow up to be something more. Suggestions welcome.)