Ex-Girlfriend Project

Ok, look. Here’s the gosh darn truth. Sometimes we end a relationship with someone and we aren’t quite sure what to do with some of the things they’ve given us over our time together. A beautiful scarf, some lovely handwritten prose, some photos you took together. Throwing everything away seems wrong, but keeping it isn’t right, either, you know?

We’re working on building an art show by starting an exchange program for ex-girlfriend items.

What does that mean? Hang on to that lace top you have that holds all the memories of her, send it to someone who we connect you with in a few months, and then make something new out of what they send you. That shirt could become a bag or the lace torn off to be used in a collage with other saved items. You could get some hand-sewn patches, lovingly stitched, that the stitcher can no longer look at, but for you they turn into quilt squares. The sky is the limit.

If you’re game, we’re game to try and make the connections and then curate an art show in the future. Fill out the form below with what you have to offer someone else and we’ll get back to you in a few months. In the meantime, sit tight on those bangle bracelets and don’t toss them quite yet. You never know what kind of earrings someone might make out of them.