6 Weeks to Understanding Genderfluidity (better) Group Call

September 9, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am America/Los Angeles Timezone
Zoom Group Call

6 Weeks, only 99$ + CA tax

Whether you identify as Genderfluid or love someone who does, this group class will help you:

Learn more about the fluctuations between masculinity and femininity
How to talk about a gender fluid body in a way that feels safe(r)
Navigating sex and intimacy
Body dysmorphia
Learning how boundaries work to avoid embarrassment and frustration
Tips for the workplace and date nights
Presentation in general

More Info:

  • Actual in-person group time is one hour per week for the call (via Zoom). The time required for self-directed activities (like a writing or art project) tends to vary per person, but isn’t usually more than a couple of hours per week.
  • Two emails will be sent weekly, one with a self-directed activity (like a writing or art project) and one to check on your progress.
  • Payment for the group is required before the start date.
  • No new members will be added after the group starts to promote a safe(r) feeling within the group. Groups subjects rotate, so if you miss one, keep your eye out for the next time it gets scheduled by signing up for the newsletter.